Meet Trevor Tindle DMD

A Love for Dentistry as a Means of Helping People

I knew I wanted to be a dentist at a very young age. I grew up in my mother’s dental practice and started working in the front office filing records at age 12. Once I was older, I started working as her dental assistant and developed a love for dentistry and all it entails.

I believe that being a dentist is about helping people. It’s getting someone out of pain, restoring function, ensuring a smile is bright and healthy — and it’s about caring for the person as an individual. I appreciate the opportunity to serve my community and to get to know so many remarkable people.

Spending my days talking with, listening to, and learning about people’s lives is rewarding. Everyone has stories, experiences, and dreams to share and I learn about the world from these conversations. My patient family teaches me and, I think, makes me a better practitioner and individual.

In turn, I hope I show my patients that I care about them personally, and want only the best for them. I want people to take their oral health seriously, to understand the connection between oral and overall health, and to develop practices that lead to a lifetime of health and smiles!

Dental School, Continuing Education, and Professional Affiliations

I obtained my Doctorate of Dental Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Dentistry. Dental school was rigorous and wonderful, and it gave me a solid foundational understanding of oral health: diagnosis, treatment, options, and outcomes.

However, like all areas of healthcare, dentistry is a constantly advancing field. Research leads to innovative technologies, development of new materials, and changes in methodologies. It is my responsibility to stay current on the latest developments and study new options.

I am an active member of the American Dental Association and Mississippi Dental Association. These organizations offer numerous avenues for me to learn from leaders in dentistry. Through continuing education (CE) — attending meetings, seminars, lectures, and reviewing publications — I stay abreast of changes. This ensures I am providing the highest level of dentistry, using an evidence-based approach, for the ideal treatment and outcome. My patients deserve the best, and with ongoing CE I strive to deliver it.

Beyond the Practice

I grew up in Cleveland, Mississippi, a small Delta town near the Mississippi River. I moved to the Jackson area for college and dental school and now live in Madison.

When I go home in the evening it’s to spend time with my family: I have two beautiful children, Olivia and Harrison, and a fur baby, Daisy. I love playing with my kiddos, hanging out with family and friends, and cooking, sewing, and exercising.